Graduate’s Profile

Pogram graduates will be capable of producing, developing and applying the necessary scientific knowledge to make original and innovative contributions to the field of development studies. They will also be trained in teaching, interdisciplinary work, and the creation and management of research groups.

They will have developed critical skills and strong ethical values based on social responsibility, the defense of human rights, and respect toward all people regardless of status, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

They will be qualified to work in universities and higher education institutions; research centers; public administration, legal assistance, and development and planning agencies, and serve as advisors to social organizations and international bodies.

PhD Degree Requirements

  • * Successful completion of all courses included in the Study Plan.

  • * Successful completion of a pre-doctoral qualifying exam.

  • *Approval of the doctoral dissertation by five specialists in the area, including the advisor and two second readers.

  • * The degree must be completed in a maximum of five years from the start of the first semester. If the candidate does not graduate in this time a Field Specialization Certificate will be issued.