To offer a teaching and research program in the field of development studies that complies with the highest international standards while generating highly trained professionals and research that contributes to the promotion of new development alternatives.

To answer the growing national and international demand for development specialists and promoters in public bodies, educational and research institutions, and a variety of civilian organizations.

To bring together a select group of students trained in a diversity of fields across Mexico, Latin America and other regions of the world, and share a unique and intense educational and research experience.

To make of this doctoral program a center of excellence for the generation and dissemination of theoretical and practical knowledge geared toward the promotion of development alternatives and policies designed to ease asymmetries between regions and countries of the world and improve living and working conditions among the wider population.

To contribute to the formation of a global network of academicians and field specialists. This will be based on a shared research agenda and the promotion of inter-institutional and multidisciplinary research projects; it will also allow students and teachers to pursue their research in different participating institutions.